announcement! we're moving!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's official. We are Boston Bound!

There's so much wrapped into this move that it's difficult to begin posting about it. I've been writing less because I wasn't ready to announce, but I wasn't sure what else to talk about! So there you are. On August 31, 2009, we will be waving our final good-byes to our beloved city.

Just one serious thought I would like to share on the matter-- Larry has been teaching on Revelation this summer. Throughout our discussions and study, the topic of eternity has been on the forefront of our minds. The floodgates of emotion broke loose Monday night after I left a group of women I deeply love. I recognized, the more I thought about it, that in the moments of prayer we shared, the Lord was sealing those friendships for eternity. Temporally, we won't be together every Thursday night. However, because the foundation of our friendship is in Christ, we have all eternity to be together. This is resonating in me-- not as a cliche, but as a deep truth and beautiful hope. I am still in the process of being so sad about the friends we are leaving, but I am thankful for their foundations and for what is to come, both in Boston and in the life hereafter!

On a lighter note, I would love your recommendations for Boston!! And we would love to keep in touch with you if you'd like. We send out a newsletter email periodically. Please email me at meganhackman(at) if you would like to receive those. And if you're already up north, we can't wait to see you!!!

PS Just realized I haven't said why we are moving-- Larry and I are both enrolling at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. The whys and hows of that we will save for another day!