Winter Wonderland

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Welcome to our winter escape. I am so glad to be here and feel remarkably blessed. I hope this is a sign of more snow to come!!

I'm so excited to be putting out the Christmas decorations. I love the smell of pine and gingerbread, the glow of lights and ornaments, and bright Christmas wrapping paper! The big debate we're having right now is... chop down our own Christmas tree Griswald style or purchase from the local tree stand? This weekend we'll decide how far we want to drive-- sad that it's the deciding factor. But I want it up in the window with lights and ornaments! I only get one month to officially enjoy it! I hope you find much joy in your Christmas decorating, letter writing, cookie making, present wrapping, friend hosting, fire burning, candle smelling, scarf wearing, deal hunting, family visiting, photo taking and memory treasuring Christmas adventures (you get the idea).


Larry Hackman said...

Who's the hotness standing on the porch? It looks like he's so hot, snowflakes evaporate when they get near him. Ssssssss...