Baby Drama

Friday, February 27, 2009

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about babies.

Single mommas with lots of babies.
Older women with new babies.
IVR babies.
Adopting babies.

And the newest-- a young, married, vocationally successful woman having a baby.
Why is this making news? Because people are upset about this, too! Why do you ask? I am asking the same question. Candace Parker is 22, happily married and successful in the WNBA. At first I was like-- oh, she's my age! Then I realized I'm not 22 anymore. Though I think in my mind I always will be. Back on topic-- here's what the article said: "Parker's view of motherhood as "a blessing" that will "make me a fuller, happier person" is not as unusual as the media hoopla over her pregnancy suggests."

Do you ever feel like sometimes quotes are used sarcastically... like Parker view having a baby as "a blessing" with a roll of an eye and a purse of the lips. It IS a blessing! And this means of beginning a family shouldn't be unusual, though apparently the media is making it out to be. She's being condemned for letting down her team, not enjoying her 20's, etc. The world is never going to condone blessing. Though I may not be ready for a child, I do recognize each one as a gift from God.

I enjoyed this weekend being surround by so many "blessings." Little Jack, Baby Faith, Baby Charlie (picture below). Take a bit of inspiration from Tom Prestigiacomo on Memphis radio who always said, "Go home and hug your babies." And let's spend more time loving babies than judging the methods by which they come into the world.