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Monday, March 23, 2009

Since I'm on a blog-recommending streak, I thought I'd introduce you to my top 7 Cubicle Life Enhancement sites.  Looking for an, "oh wow!" or "that's what I've been needing!" or "haha" or "well, I'll be" added to your day?  Stuck in a cubicle?  These just might make your day.

  1. Add Gmail Shortcuts to your Outlook email, c/o Lifehacker.
  2. Spend much time typing up other people's pre-printed forms?  Again, c/o Lifehacker, this download will enable you to convert scanned images or PDF's to functioning documents.
  3. Dream of another place you'd rather be.  My favorite- Barcelona.  A do/don't guide to Barcelona c/o NotesfromSpain.
  4. If only your supervisor would approve... redesign your cube space in your mind. c/o Wired
  5. Use Amazon's Wish List feature to create a birthday list for anybody to see what you'd like on any website!  Amazon will host the list.  I suggest adding lots from etsy to your list!
  6. Another c/o Lifehacker: Top 10 Outlook Boosters.  The xobni makes my life a lot easier!
  7. See how much exercise you get from walking from your cube across the office with Google's Maps.  When you click "Get Directions" change the drop down from "by car" to "walking."  Zoom in on your office address and create a starting point at your cube and a destination point at the other end of the office.  Now stop emailing and start working on getting swimsuit ready! (this is not my office, just an example)

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Any suggestions you'd like to make?