setting goals

Monday, June 1, 2009

Can I get an Amen! from those who are crazy overwhelmed with summer?  Isn't this supposed to be restful!  Hallelujah it is.  And yet it is not.

2 things that have been filling up my time:
1. A pitiful attempt at making some homemade bread
2. A new goal: 40 day yoga transformation project

I will get there!  I will make bread without a. forgetting to put the sugar in the water for the yeast b. burning the yeast with the coffee c. making bread that resembles more brownies than sourdough.  I will also be able to do the hurdler (a crazy yoga pose where you're squatted low, supported only by your hands and your core strength with your legs out to either side stacked on top of each other.  Sound crazy, it is!)!  

Watch out, world.  This overwhelmed girl's going to tackle the impossible schedule AND 2 ridiculous goals.  Are you with me?  What are your goals for the summer?