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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oprah has her post, and here's mine!

I have some new favorite spots for Christmas shopping. I do have thoughts on Christmas being over-commercialized, and no, Christmas is not all about the gifts. But I do think that giving gifts is a wonderful thing. I really enjoy it! It's a legitimate "love language," if you will. And until our culture becomes a year round-- I thought of you, and I picked this up for you!-- giving "happies"-- gift giving culture, I am content to be able to share this with people at this season. We can talk about this more if you'd like.

I've been trying to be more aware, though, of what I'm supporting this year when I buy gifts. If you're like that, I thought some of these ideas might be helpful.

1. Visit your local gift shop. I used to work in one, and you are supporting local business by getting off the computer, seeing a person face-to-face, and selecting gifts.
For the Boston area-- Casa de la Moda in Beverly has some of the most adorable, reasonably priced international items, kitchen things, jewelry, stationary, creative children's toys, etc.
For the Chattanooga area-- my friends Amy and Anna from college run an adorable shop in Cleveland that has all kinds of unique gift ideas. And you know we Southern women love all things monogrammed! They'll do it right there in the shop, called Paisley.
For the Memphis area-- Go antiquing in the Collierville square.

2. Consider your fair trade options. This is en vogue, and for a reason. There are many companies who are now selling fair trade options, which means the craftsman or farmers of the items are being paid a livable wage and have safe working environments. A lot of them are for a good cause, too!
For coffee-- The homes for orphans that a lot of you helped support me to build in college are now maintained by coffee sales. They buy the coffee from local farmers in Bolivia and roast it themselves. My mom tells me that the vanilla and hazelnut are very flavored. Drink your coffee and feel good about it by buying Bolivia's Best Coffee.

For India-- Sari Bari was at a local fair trade bazaar I went to here in the Boston area. They are making items like blankets, scarves, and purses from recycled saris. The items are made by women who have been brought out of the sex trade in India and are being provided legitimate work by making these items. Their online shop is low on stock now, but bookmark it for later!

For all over the world-- Ten Thousand Villages is an online and local retailer that sell items for fair trade co-operatives all over the world! Their selection is virtually endless.

3. The "don't fit into a category I just really like them" favorite things
Sephora-- I'm blessed to have a sister who works at Sephora, it's true. Because of that, I've gotten to try a lot of things! These are my favorites.

Etsy-- I wouldn't be surprised if it's already your go-to! These are my favorite sellers:

Kinie's for purses

Uccello Curioso for cards

The Ardent Sparrow for jewelry

I hope most of all that you've thought of someone to surprise with a happy today! I also hope you've found some new favorites. What would you recommend for me to check out?


Gina B said...

I love this! Thank you for all the ideas! Can you link the products (or at least give the names) of the Sephora items? Thanks!

Megs said...

You caught me being lazy, Gina. ;) I have updated them to link to their page on Sephora.
Just a few other notes: the perfume and the mascara come in different sizes if you need different priced gifts. The brown sugar kit has the chapstick I steal from my sister ALL THE TIME. And it's $22-- yikes! But this kit is $28 and comes with so much more.

Gina B said...

Hooray, thank you! I love to get gift ideas by word of mouth! :)

aline said...

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