all my single ladies

Friday, November 4, 2011

I've been deeply desiring to write a really good, insightful blogspot about my friends' singleness. Don't expect this blog to be that. But I do want to get one thought on paper:

A male, single, 20-something, seminary friend listed as one of his goals "To be married and have kids." And we all nodded in agreement. As a group, we affirmed that his goal to get married and have kids was equitable with the goal to be debt-free or to run a 5K or to own a dog. We all assumed that a male, single, 20-something, seminarian will have no trouble accomplishing this goal.

What if a female, single, 20-something, seminary friend had listed as her goal "To be married and have kids" ? We would probably politely nod, and then send someone to talk to her to make sure she was "finding her fulfillment in Jesus" because, let's be honest, she might not get married, and she might not have kids.

I was struck and bothered and dumfounded and confused and "puzzled" (a new word I learned last weekend) by this discovery of the innate reaction in me to assume that men can and will get married if it's their goal and women might not.

And so, Kevin DeYoung posted a proper response. Peruse and discuss, if you so desire.