more than the gift

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I truly love buying presents for people, all times of the year. So here's a round up of places I've come across where you bless people on both sides of the buying. I encourage you to consider purchasing with purpose!

(note from Amy: Kyle and I are pursuing a lofty goal, but we know with YOUR help we can do it! Our goal is to raise $2,000 in 7 DAYS through the sale of these t-shirts. We have a huge chunk of money due SOON so it is full on fundraising around here! Purchase a shirt, $25 adult $15 kids, and help us bring Hannah Cate home forever!!! Email me to place your order. Guy and boy version is the gray and red, ladies and girl version is the navy and light coral.)

I'm still shopping, too. Are there any other places you'd want to add?


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