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Thursday, January 8, 2009

"My journey was much like a romance, an epic battle of the heart, and I think a lot of girls can relate to that."

Would you describe your walk with Jesus in this way? These are the words of one of my favorite college girls as she describes Jesus' pursuit of her. An epic battle of the heart. A romance. I pray that all of the women in my life know that Jesus cares for them in this way.

One of the most remarkable Bible studies I have ever done is the story of Hosea. What a beautiful and heart wrenching picture, that Jesus would allow us to be stripped and lost in a wildernesss. For it is there (and perhaps only there because of our strong will), that we will be hedged in to be protected. Then there we will be clothed and given flowers, that we might return singing and rejoicing in our newfound love.

I pray today you will experience your life with the Lord as though torn from the pages of a beautiful romance novel not skipping over the chapters of the epic battle your Savior has conquered just for you.

Grace is given to you and love in extravagant abundance.


Anonymous said...

Hey Poddy! I met your boss last night, he's teaching the Dave Ramsey class Jason and I are taking at Stuart Heights! :) Miss you!

Megs said...

A friend sent me this via Facebook:

yes, a romance--that's exactly how I see it. that makes sense. especially the wilderness and the fighting and's so beautiful, really. so desperately beautiful.

so, to all those girls out there who think they may not be worth it, here's evidence that they are...a battle is being fought for them every day.
to think on that and not gain hope, confidence, and security in that's about impossible.