Proud to be an American

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today I am truly proud to be an American.

I am proud of our peaceful way of transferring power.
I am proud to have been able to vote.
I am proud to have Scripture spoken and God's named revered at a political gathering.

I am honored to pray for our President, his decisions and his family.

I humbly pray that he will change his mind on a myriad of issues, but I can see that he has an amazing ability to inspire, challenge, and bring hope. That makes me proud.

And P.S. You had to love the rhyme at the end of Rev. Lowery's benediction.

May God truly bless America. Bring peace. Give our leaders wisdom, knowledge and a fear of the Lord. We need your spirit to guide.

Written better than I possibly could.


Sassy and Classy Southern Mrs. said...

Such a great post! You hit the nail on the head that we need to pray for our country and President because ultimately God is in control.