2 recent lessons

Monday, October 26, 2009

I've learned 2 great things through my classes that are certainly not going to leave me any time soon:

1. From Greek, I learned that the word for hope is ελπις. An accurate definition of hope in the Greek is the "confident anticipation of what we know will surely come to pass." In this season, I am reminded of friends who are living in the sureness of their hopes, with confident anticipation that the God given hope of their future will surely come to pass. I pray for you reading this that you will lean with a confident anticipation on what you know will surely come to pass because God is faithful to his promises.

2. I learned a great lesson on marriage during an impromptu rabbit trail sermon/lesson. Our professor mentioned that we practice divorce whenever we leave the room during an argument. I have heard it often said that we dangerously practice marriage when we stay overnight with the person we're dating. It's dangerous because there is not yet the level of commitment to Christ and to your relationship when you practice the covenant of marriage before it is made. However, I had never heard of practicing divorce. The fact is, when you leave a room when you're mad, next time you will likely leave the house. The not-so-subliminal message that you're sending is: I am better off getting through this argument without you. You could see where this would lead to an actual separation. With a sad number of people around us contemplating divorce, I am reminded of the work involved in doing marriage. I would beseech you as a friend to live in your marriage this week, and even when you're arguing, practice being together.


Anonymous said...

i love this post. the end. =)