october thoughts

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

prepare for a feast of randomness...1. Larry-- thank you for celebrating our anniversary in the most perfect way. I will never forget today. It couldn't have been more thoughtful-- my kinda flowers and pizza on the beach included.

2. I wish I had learned earlier just how much there was to learn from the early Christians about how to live life today. Exhibit A, coming from Ignatius circa 100 AD: "For the work we have to do is no affair of persuasive speaking; Christianity lies in achieving greatness in the face of a world's hatred" (Ignatius to the Romans, 3). Had I had his arguments against gnosticism (the 100AD version of New Age thought) I could have combated Baron Baptiste in my yoga class much more persuasively and with better vocabulary.

3. Did you know that God proclaimed, as in spoke, his glory to Moses rather than showing it to Him visibly? You probably know the story in Exodus 33-34 when Moses says "now, show me your glory," and God hides Moses in the cleft of the rock as he passes by him? Well Exodus 34 says as he passes by the Lord proclaims to Moses who He is! Now, John 1:14, we have seen the glory of God in the person of Jesus Christ, for (paraphrase 1:18) until Jesus, no one could look upon God and live! We have seen his glory!

4. The Lone Gull in Gloucester (pronounce Glo-stah) has an amazing caramel latte.

5. I know I haven't been posting, but if you want to see (with your eyes rather than have it proclaimed to you) what we've been doing over the past 2 months, click on the photo stream on the right to see our recent pics in Picasa.